The easiest way to enjoy a pairs massage is to schedule our "Personal Retreat for 2". Take turns enjoying a massage while your friend/partner relaxes in a separate retreat space. You'll each have 75-minutes on your own to read or relax, color in our adult coloring books, meditate or sleep!

We also have many slots each week when two therapists are in the office together including days, evenings and weekends. If you would like to schedule with a friend, family member, partner or spouse please email us at with a few days and times and we will get back to you. (Obviously once a therapist schedules a single client the couples possibility goes away so try to request a week or two in advance for special occasions). Our office includes a private couples sanctuary room.  There's a decorative fireplace and lots of space so you can have your massage together, if you choose.

Ideas for making your session special:
  • Bring your iPod loaded with a playlist of romantic songs or personal favorites
  • Heart-shaped herbal warming pillows can be used in the session and then you can take them with you
  • Add an extended foot massage session with your choice of foot creams