Come together as a community in fun and playful events at our office at 1684 East Gude Drive. You can also volunteer to lead a playshop - just email with your ideas. Lots of fun events in the works including Line Dancing, Yoga with poetry and more. SIGN UP OR GET MORE INFO - CLICK HERE

Dates are already scheduled for:

BOOK GROUP - Our book group DMV Book Group has gone online with Zoom for the time being
Our friend Jane Walton is offering a book group at Massuage's office on Gude Drive. Link to the facebook group is   The next meeting is on Saturday, June 6th at 5pm EDT   Our book for June will be Exactly as You Are: The Life and Faith of Mister Rogers by Shea Tuttle.

FENG SHUI VISION BOARD 2020 - February 9th from 11AM-1PM
The purpose of a Feng Shui Vision Board is to help us focus on our goals and manifest our wishes and aspirations for the upcoming year. It is a physical representation of our hopes and dreams that allow us to channel that energy in a positive way.

Join Claudia for a brief explanation about Feng Shui and its principles and practice. Then each participant will create a Vision Board following the guidelines of the Bagua Map of 8 sectors (health, love, wealth, etc.) and will choose images, words, colors and shapes that represent their personal wishes and goals for the New Year. All materials are provided. Cost is $45 for the two hour session.

RHYTHM AND DRUM CIRCLE - February 8th after the Book Club at 7:45 PM

We're repeating this popular event after the February 8th Book Group. Come enjoy an exploration of drumming and percussion instruments with Lee. No musical skills required - just a willingness to play and experiment with a group. This is not a music lesson but a few basic rhythms will be covered and practiced. It is all about finding your own rhythm is a safe and fun environment! There is no charge for this event but donations for expenses are accepted. 7:45 until whenever!

Past fun times have included:
Alcohol Tile Painting, Yoga Playshop, Self Care in 30 Seconds a Day, Line Dancing, Guided relaxation meditation, Vision board, Ukrainian Egg Decorating, Essential Oils 101 Playshop, STRESS Management, Yin yoga class, Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Bath Meditation, Reiki Level One Training , Lavender Playshop and more!

Make a donation - Help support attendance by those who can't afford to pay


Our hope is to build an inclusive, welcoming community as a safe place for people to join together in a wide variety of activities. We will host many of these events, in our "playshop" space at 1684 East Gude Drive in Rockville. In order for this wonderful idea to come to fruition, however, we will need your help. Here are just a few of the ways you can pitch in:

Financially you can help by donating $ using the donation button above - any amount is appreciated. This beautiful workshop space costs over $100 per day in rent and utilities. We would like to keep the events on a donation-only basis so no one feels excluded by an inability to pay. We would also like to compensate our leaders for their valuable time. Anything you can contribute will help.

Even more importantly, you can agree to lead a workshop. Share your passion, skills and abilities with others and this community will flourish. Activities will be as varied as possible hoping to SPARK - :

ENERGY: REIKI, Tai Chi, Qi Gong


CREATIVITY: Painting, Ceramics, Jewelry Making, Crafts, Origami, Artoga


MUSICAL TOGETHERNESS: Sing-Alongs, Drumming, Performances of Original Music, Karaoke, Ukulele


HEALTHY EATING: Soup Swaps, Nutrition Planning


WELLNESS: Self Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Acupressure for Stress Relief


MINDFULNESS: Yoga Nidra, Meditation


COMMUNITY: Game Nights, Jigsaw Puzzling, Movie Night


MOVEMENT: Line Dancing, Juggling, Qi Gong, Yoga, Free Dance


PLAYFULNESS: Balloon Animals, Kite Making


This is just a framework - Anything else you can propose as a group activity is welcome!! The sky really is the limit. I'm sure you can find yourself somewhere on that list. We have over 100 slots available and we only need you to volunteer for one of them.
While you're thinking about leading a playshop please consider signing up here to attend a few and support our other leaders!

The only rules so far are:
Everyone should be welcome and comfortable attending. (Kid friendly events will be included but mostly these will be for adults)
No cell phones or other electronic devices unless they are a part of what you're sharing
No political discussion please
No blatant self promotion (although leaders will be allowed to have literature and business cards on a table by the door)

Please, please join with us to make this year special and to connect with others in our community!!

CLICK HERE to see what is planned so far!