What's so special about Oncology Massage?

Oncology Massage adapts massage therapy to nurture your body, mind and spirit during cancer treatment and recovery. We will work with you to design a session that will minimize side-effects of chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery using advanced, research-based massage techniques. Massuage Associates is a member of a consortium of local oncology massage therapists so that you can find care close to home. In addition, Lee is a Charter Member of the Society For Oncology Massage (S4OM.org). 

Please see the list below to locate a practitioner near you. If you're not in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area you can log on to www.s4om.org and search nationwide.

You should work with an oncology-trained therapist, rather than someone at a day spa or clinic because we are trained in adaptations that need to be made for:
  • Positioning - perhaps you have a chemo port, or ascites, or burns from radiation. We understand these situations and can work with you to assure your comfort.
  • Side effects - a standard, 1-hour session may not always suit your situation. We can modify the time and the techniques to adjust for fatigue, nausea and other effects you're experiencing. And we can sometimes come to you if hampered immunity makes you uncomfortable being in public. We are trained in specific protocols for peripheral neuropathy and other conditions you may be experiencing.
  • Pressure - vigorous massage on lymph-compromised limbs can increase the risk of lymphedema. We understand the contraindications and adjustments that need to be made.
  • Scars - surgical sites can benefit greatly from scar tissue release techniques. We can provide this care and also show you self-care techniques to use at home.

Caring and professional massage reminds you of your own body's healing resources...healing starts from within. We may be able to:

Relieve pain      Reduce anxiety      Improve sleep     Renew energy    Support immune function
Reduce swelling   Soften scar tissue  Restore range of motion     Provide deep relaxation

In Home, Hospice and Caregiver Massage

We have a very limited availability for in-home massage therapy for terminally ill patients in Rockville with the approval and guidance of a hospice or primary care professional. We work to help reduce pain and stress at the end of life. The price for these visits is $120.  Travel expense  and gratuity are included so $120 is the total charge. Thanks to the generous contributions from donors and several regular clients we have a small pool of funds for free sessions if necessary. We also provide free massage to patients enrolled in Montgomery Hospice through their complementary therapies program.

We also offer a massage workshop, in Rockville homes or at our office, for caregivers and family members. The goal is to provide stress relief techniques and self-care ideas that the family can benefit from, long after our visit. The price is $120.00 and the workshop lasts approximately 75 minutes. Included in the price is the DVD program Touch, Caring and Cancer, a $39.95 value. The DVD and workbook are available in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

You will learn how to safely massage your loved ones using props found in the home. If you would like to order the DVD to watch ahead of the workshop or for your own use please click here. We will deliver it by priority mail for $39.95 plus $5.95 shipping/handling.


if you know a family in need of these services you can order a gift certificate but please call us first to discuss their specific needs. Obviously we want to handle the scheduling of these visits with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Training and experience for working with Hospice Patients

Lee's preparation for working with oncology and hospice patients includes 19 years of experience as a hospice volunteer through Whitman Walker, Homecall Hospice (now Evercare), Montgomery Hospice and JSSA Hospice. Lee has completed both the introductory and advanced classes "Caring for Clients with Cancer-Simple Steps to Safe, Effective Massage Therapy" offered by Tracy Walton. (www.tracywalton.com) She has also completed Charlotte Versagi's 100-hour Oncology and Hospital Massage Training Program and Jamie Elswick's scar massage training. In addition she has taken Manual Lymphatic Drainage training through ACOL and the year-long Companioning the Dying course described at www.companioningthedying.org. Lee has provided massage to breast cancer survivors at the PMTI breast cancer clinic, funded by Susan G. Komen for the Cure. For three years she saw patients at Holy Cross Hospital, along with Mary and Cheryl (below), through a generous grant of the Holy Cross Foundation.

Our founding team members are listed below. Please contact the most convenient office to schedule your visits.

Lee Anne Blank, LMT, RYT200
Massuage Associates, LLC
966 Hungerford Drive #21A
Rockville, MD 20850
Lee has specialized experience with lymphatic drainage techniques and end-of-life care.

Cheryl Alderdice, CMT, NCBTMB
A Calmness Within Massage Therapy
Kensington, MD
Cheryl has specialized experience with lymphatic drainage techniques.

Mary Aguilera-Titus, CMT, NCBTMB
Full Circle Massage Therapy
Silver Spring, MD
Mary has specialized experience with lymphatic drainage techniques, hospital-based massage.

Jill Nelson, LMT
Integrative Therapies
Kensington Parkway,
Kensington, MD 20895
Jill has extensive training in complete decongestive therapy for lymphedema and in energy healing.

Other Maryland Providers:

Kathleen Bowling, LMT, CMLDT*
Columbia (Howard County), Catonsville and Owings Mills (Baltimore County)
Massage by Kat
o: 443-741-2072
ALSO at Mason & Friends Salon & Spa, 410-381-2440
Member of: S4OM, ABMP
Modalities: ACM, EOL, LDT, REF, REI
Download list for additional names or search on S4OM.org:

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