Scheduling an Appointment, Prices, Buy Packages, Hours, Discounts

When comparing prices please be sure to ask if you are getting a full hour. Many places offer 50 minutes which is 20% less time. At Massuage you'll get a full hour with a licensed, experienced therapist. We don't have to pay for a receptionist because appointments are scheduled on-line or by email and we pass the savings on to you. Just click the Book Now button below to reserve your appointment.

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Table Massage Prices (See below for package discounts - save $$)

(Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu, Myofascial, Perinatal, MLD, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology)

$45 for 30 minutes - face down only
$65.00 for 45 minutes (best for focused work on one or two areas, price also applies to geriatric sessions)
$98.00 for one hour (that's a real hour not 50 Minutes)
$125.00 for 75 minutes
$150.00 for 90 minutes

Package Discounts

- Once you become a regular client with us (coming at least once a month) you can purchase a package of four sessions and save on every session! You will not find a better price with a licensed independent therapist in Rockville. If you like to vary your massage times you can purchase multiple packs. It's a great way to get the regular, consistent wellness care you need and you won't need to worry about money when you come in for your session!

Please read the following carefully because our package discounts have a few restrictions:

1. You must use the sessions within six months of purchase. We are rewarding our most regular clients with this discount.
2. Package cannot be shared with other family members or friends without prior approval.
3. 45-minute massages are not available in packages.

Specialty Service Prices

(For details on each click the services button

Hot stone massage

$160.00 for 90 minutes

Moisturizing hand treatment

- can be added to any massage for $10.00. The warm moisturizer soaks in for 15 minutes for deep treatment while you are on the massage table. Shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and essential oils combine for a great pampering experience in your choice of three wonderful scents. No petrochemicals, parabens or artificial fragrances.

Hours of Operation

Week Days  10:00 AM - 9:00 PM 
Weekends 11 AM - 6:30 PM
Payment by check, Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex or cash.

Cancellation Policy

Please don't. Our low-cost business model requires that you're here when you say you will be. We understand that things come up. We're small and flexible and, unlike most other facilities, we'll let you reschedule whenever you need to. All we ask is that you give us at least 48 hours notice.

If you must reschedule within the 48 hours a full appointment charge will apply (or you can send a friend in your place - just email us their name). If you completely miss an appointment (unless it is due to an emergency involving a hospital) we expect payment in full for the missed appointment.

If there is a snow or other weather emergency we will post on our website whether we are open or not and try to reach our scheduled clients by phone. Your safety is important to us so it will be up to you to decide if you feel safe driving. If we don't reach you please call to let us know either way - no charge to reschedule.

Other Discounts

You can earn free and/or discounted massage from Massuage Associates in several ways:
  • If you are an existing Massuage client and you are out of work you can email to schedule a free session. We have a few daytime openings available each week for this so take advantage and let us help you de-stress while you are looking for new opportunities.
  • Hospice Discounts - If you are a local patient receiving service from a hospice organization we will come to you at no additional charge. We usually provide hospice massage on Fridays. We may also have free sessions available thanks to generous contributions from our regular clients.
  • Student Discounts - Massage students at PMTI receive professional log discounted rate of $70.00/hour for the first visit.
  • Red Devils Clients can request a referral for a free massage session from the nurse navigator at your cancer treatment facility. You will also receive 10% discounts on all services and products once your free sessions have ended.