NEW - Playshop (Workshop) and Yoga Space to Rent at Massuage

Our new wellness playshop space at 1684 Gude Drive has a large 26 x 18 foot room perfect for yoga, massage CEU classes, workshops, nutrition classes, personal training and more. It also has a large conference room with 12 chairs for smaller meetings and trainings. We are partnering with Vitality Fitness and Wellness to offer personal training for mature adults weekday mornings and afternoons.

To reserve space for your wellness-related event click here, scroll to the bottom of the services list and choose 1684 hourly or 1684 daily rental. Prices are $60 for 90-minutes or $250 per day or 20% of revenue generated, whichever is higher.

If you would like to see upcoming workshops and register to attend check our listings on Schedulicity here.

Therapy Space to Rent at Massuage

If you are a licensed, insured massage therapist and need a cozy space in Rockville we have a studio for rent by the month. (We would also consider sharing space with a nutrition professional or an acupuncturist who has an existing client following).

The Ashi Room is a large room with ceiling bars for Ashiatsu. It has a peaceful ambiance and a hydraulic lift table with a tilt style back rest useful for prenatal and oncology sessions. $100/month for one day per week, i.e. all the Tuesdays in a month = $25 per day. It is available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. If you're interested in renting space please email

The Couples Room is a large, double room. It has a hydraulic lift table and a cozy faux fireplace. There is space for a second table. Currently the room is also used for Thai massage so there is a Thai mat as well. $110/month for one day per week, i.e. all the Thursdays in a month = $27.50 per day.  Currently the room is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If you're interested in renting space please email

Job Opportunities

At Massuage we are a group of independent practitioners who share a common goal of providing compassionate care at reasonable rates. We are currently looking for an experienced (3 Years+)  Massage Therapist to join the practice. These are independent contractor positions with a 60/40 split and access to a large database of clients as you build your practice. We would also consider an intern position with a new therapist with reduced fees to our clients and a 50/50 split. Therapists have access to online scheduling with our large pool of clients, chip-enabled credit card processing, and a significant marketing budget to promote our work. The office consists of an attractive lobby area, 4 treatment rooms, one of which is a couples room, kitchenette and reflexology room. If this opportunity interests you please send your resume to