Seated Massage Events

We provide seated massage, at your location, using state-of-the-art massage chairs. Sessions are typically 12 minutes for each participant. Participants are fully clothed and can return to work or play relaxed and invigorated.

A few ideas for seated massage events:

• Reward Project Completion
• Celebrate Corporate Milestones
• Company Picnics
• Volunteer Recognition Events
• Contest Prizes
• Motivate Sales Staff
• Holiday Parties
• Employee Health and Wellness Fairs
• Senior Assisted Living Wellness Classes

A few specifics:

Each therapist can provide four 12-minute sessions an hour or three 17-minute sessions. This pace allows time for check-in with the client and cleaning/adjustment of the chair between sessions. If your limiting factor is time and you have lots of space we can send more therapists; if space is limited we can hold a longer event. Our minimum time for an on-site event is two hours.

In determining cost for an event, each therapist-hour is $90. As a planning example, suppose you wanted to reward a department of 16 employees with 12-minute massages and you had space in a conference room to accommodate two massage chairs. We would send two therapists for a two-hour session at a cost of $360.

We provide the chairs, the music, face-rest covers, hand/chair sanitizer and licensed and certified massage therapists. We have special chairs to accommodate people in wheelchairs and pregnant women. You provide a quiet space with access to electricity. And as our thanks to you for organizing the event, you will receive a gift certificate for your own full-body massage!

If you would prefer that we do the math, please call us or send an email so we can tailor an event to your specific circumstances.