Aromatherapy Massage - a customized session

Aromatherapy Massage uses essential oils from a wide variety of plants. These oils can have properties of relaxing, invigorating, clarifying, cooling, heating and more. We will work with you to identify your goals and specific situations that are affecting your life and create a three-scent blend just for you. Then you'll have a massage that utilizes your blend. Save the rest to use in your bath or bring it with you for your next massage. Please allow 15 extra minutes for these sessions as they require a more extensive intake. The delicious aromas will be worth the wait!

Please know if you are sensitive to scents (but not allergic) you can still enjoy the beneficial properties of many of the essential oils without directly inhaling. The properties of the essences are also experienced through absorption into the skin so you can have a foot massage and still be comfortable.


Integrative Reflexology® is a foot, hand and ear reflexology that is a modality of massage. Developed by Claire Marie Miller, it can be received as a stand alone service or combined with full body massage. It works with the meridians as energy pathways that begin and end on your fingers and toes. Your Certified Integrative Reflexologist will stimulate the proprioceptors on the bottom of your feet to increase the stimulation of the nerve endings, giving a calming effect to your whole body.